March 28, 2007

To the Charleston Chapter NRHS:


Thank you so much for your assistance.  I could not ask for more.


As I said in my original e-mail this genealogical project is a modest one.  I expect to treat it as a long-term hobby--fun, rewarding and interesting although not as rigorous, ambitious and extensive as Ms. Matthews' impressive work.  The idea that some effort should be made to record whatever information could still be harvested about the family's genealogical history has been percolating amongst members of the family for quite some time.  Every so often a family member would threaten to act--but the results have been sporadic.  Consequently the unqualified success embodied in the discovery of your web site and Ms. Matthews has raised a few eyebrows and earned me a few prestige points amongst my siblings, cousins and other relations--despite that fact that the real credit goes to you folks and Ms. Matthews.  Thanks again.


Whatever I come across that may be of interest to your organization I will send along.  There is, of course, much information about the "Best Friend of Charleston" available over the internet.  But I am sure there is nothing there that CCNRHS is not already aware of.  As for Ezra Miller my effort is just beginning.  However this project did begin with a long telephone conversation between myself and my uncle Jerry (more formally known as James Rumrill Miller III).  He is mentioned a few times in the correspondences between Ms. Matthews and Captain John LeCato.  When I came across those letters I compiled a document which I sent to my uncle that included those letters as well as some additional commentary that I added because it cleared up some confusion on a few details on the part of Ms. Matthews .  For example, Ms. Matthews was pretty sure the my uncle was the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission in the early 1980's.  That was not, in fact, the case but I think I know what the origin of the confusion was.  Please find attached to this e-mail the relevant portion of that document.  Note that I refer to my uncle, James Rumrll Miller III as Jerry and my grandfather, James Rumrill Miller II and Diddy


I am perfectly fine with being mentioned on your web site.  I also put the same question to my uncle Jerry who said he was fine with that as well. 


Thanks again for your help.


Colin Carpi


P.S. My grandfather, James Rumrill Miller II, married Elizabeth Pleasants King...  There is probably no relationship between her and Mr. King, but it is a notable coincidence.

Colin Carpii's responds to omissions, errors and additions to the information exchanged  between Hope Miller Matthews and Captain John LeCato.