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A.5(1) 1000 Tin Toys
Kitahara, Teruhisa & Smimizu,Yukio Taschen 1996
A.5(2) 3-Rail Illustrated Price GuideA.5 (1)
McComas, Tom, Krone,Chuck
TM Books
A.5(3) Age of Steam, The John Westwood Thunder Bay Press
A.5(4) All Aboard Hollander, Ron Workman 1981
A.5(5) All Aboard! The Golden Age of American RailTravel
Yenne, Bill Brompton 1989
A.5(6) All Color World of Trains, The

Westwood, John

OctopusTime-Life 1978
A.5(7) American Country - Toys and Games Rebus Book Time-Life 1991
A.5(8) American Journey By Rail, An Witney, Dudley
Mallard Press 1988
A.5(9) American Railway, The (reprint of 1897 edition Clarke, Thomas C. Arno Press 1976
A.5(10) American Steam 
Wickre, John M. Gallery Books 1988
A.5(11) American Toy Train, The Souter, Gerry & Janet MBI 1999
A.5(12) America's Colorful Railroads Ball, Don Jr. Bonanza 1978
A.5(13) Art of the Streamliner, The 
Johnston, Bob Metro Books 2001
A.5(14) Big Book of Trains Yorke, Jane DK Publishing 1998
A.5(15) Bridges and Buildings For Model Railroads Anderson, Wilard V. Kalmbach 1965
A.5(16) Building the Shay
Hiraoka, Kozo Wildwood 1982
A.5(17) Century of Lionel Timeless Toy Trains, A Ponzol, Dan Friedman, F.&Z. 2000
A.5(18) Century Of Model Trains, A (pub '86) Levy, Allen Crescent 1976
A.5(19) ClassicFreightCars,Vol.10,No.Am.WorkTrainsEquip Maywald, Henry H & M Productions 1997
A.5(20) Collector's All-Colour guide to Toy Trains McCrindell, Ron Tiger Books 1989
A.5(21) Collector's Book of the Locomotive, The Alexander, Edwin P. Bramhall House 1966
A.5(22) Collector's Guide to American Toy Trains Bagdade, Susan & Al Wallace-Homestead 1990
A.5(23) Complete Book of Model Railroading, The David Sutton Castle Books 1964
A.5(24) CZ - The Story of the California Zephyr Zimmermann, Karl R. Starrucca Pub. 1972
A.5(25) Early Railways Snell, J.B. Octopus 1964
A.5(26) Electric Railways, I.C.S. Reference Library Scranton International Textbook 1905
A.5(27) EmpireExpress-BuildingtheFirstTranscontinentalRR
Bain, David Haward Viking 1999
A.5(28) Encyclopedia des Chemins de Fer Get, Francois Dominique la Jeuness Editions de laCourtille 1980
A.5(29) Encyclopedia of Model Railroads, The Allen, Terry Octopus 1980
A.5(30) Encyclopedie du Train-Jouit Francais Lamming, Clive EditionsduCollectionneur 1979
A.5(31) Fabulous Franklin & South Manchester Railroad,The Sellios, George Fine Scale Miniatures 1991
A.5(32) Folie des Trains Electriques Gurney, David-Paul Flammarion 2002
A.5(33) Fun With Toy Trains
Schleicher, Robert Krause 1999
A.5(34) Glacier-Express, Der Borret,Ralph&Kustner,Thomas Europlanning 1992
A.5(35) Golden Age of Railroads Holbrook, Stewart H. Random House 1960
A.5(36) Grand Trains, Les Lamming, Clive Larousse 1996
A.5(37) Great Day of the Country Railway, The Whitehouse,PatrickThomas 
David & Charles 2002
A.5(38) Great Railroad Photographs Adams, John Winthrop Courage Books 1994
A.5(39) Great Railroads of North America, The Yenne, Bill Brompton Books 1992
A.5(40) Great Trains of the World Whitehouse, Patrick B. New English Library 1975
A.5(41) Guinness, Rail, the Records Marshall, John Guinness 1985
A.5(42) Hear the Train Blow Beebe, Lucius
Beebe, Lucius &CharlesClegg Grosset & Dunlap 1952
A.5(43) Highball, A Pagent of Trains Beebe, Lucius Bonanza 1945
A.5(44) History of RailroadsIn America,TheAmericanHeritge Oliver Jensen Bonanza 1975
A.5(45) History of Railways
Cornwell, E.L. Chartwell 1976
A.5(46) History of the Steam Train, A
Lorrie, Peter&Garrett Colin Crescent 1987
A.5(47) Hollywood Trains Suares, J.C. Thomasson-Grant 1994
A.5(48) How To Operate Your Model Railroad Chubb, Bruce A. Kalmbach 1977
A.5(49) How To Wire Your Model Railroad Westcott, Linn H. Kalmbach 1950
A.5(50) I Like Trains 1940 - 1954 Morgan, David P. Kalmbach 1980
A.5(51) Iron Horses - American Locomotives 1829-1900 Alexander, E.P. Bonanza 1941
A.5(52) Iron Horses, The Illustrated History Del Vecchio, Michael Courage


A.5(53) Ironhorse, A History of the Steam Train
Lorie, Peter & Garratt, Colin Crescent 1987
A.5(54) Jouets <<JEP>>, Les (excerpts) Lamming, Clive EditionsduCollectionneur 1998
A.5(55) K-Line Collector's Guide Volume I 1985-1998 Lamb, Mondy MDK 1999
A.5(56) Legends of Steam  
Garratt, Colin Welcome Rain 1999
A.5(57) Lionel Inspiration, The Brennan, Peter J. Morning Sun Books 1997
A.5(58) Lionel Prewar Trains, Repair and Operating Manual Hubbard, John G. Greenberg 1997
A.5(59) Lionel Trains, 1945-1969 Volume I Greenberg, Bruce C. Greenberg 1984

Lionel Trains, 1945-1969 Volume IV Accessories

Stewart, Alan
A.5(61) Lionel Trains, 1970-1991 Volume I
Lavoie, Roland E.
Greenburg 1991
A.5(62) Lionel Trains, 1970-1991 Volume II
Lavoie, Roland, Solly, Bohn
A.5(63) Lionel Trains, Collector's Guide and History, Vol I-VI (pub ' 93)
McComas & Tuohy Vol I-VI Chilton
A.5(64) Lionel Trains, Standard of the World 1900-1943 TCA TCA 1989
A.5(65) Lionel, America's Favorite Toy Trains Souter, Gerry + Janet
A.5(66) Lionel's Model Builder Thompson, Terry & Roger Carp Kalmbach 1998
A.5(67) Locomotive Cyclopedia of American Practice Wright, Roy V. Simmons - Boardman 1938
A.5(68) Locomotive Engineer's Album, A Abdill, George B. Bonanza 1965
A.5(69) Lore of the Train, The Ellis, C.Hamilton Crescent 1971
A.5(70) Love of Trains, The Hand,Victor&Edmonson,Harold Octopus 1974
A.5(71) Luxury Trains Behrend, George
Vendome 1977
A.5(72) Märklin Hervé, Gilles New Cavendish 1995
A.5(73) Marx Toy Trains, Accessories Instructions Gailey, Paul & Check, Walter Greenberg 1989
A.5(74) Marx Trains Volume I&II Matzke, Eric J. Greenberg 1989
A.5(75) Men Who Built the Railways, The Klein, Aaron E. Bison 1986
A.5(76) Minneapolis & St.Louis, In Color Green, Gene Morning Sun Books 1996
A.5(77) Model and Miniature Railroads
Whitehouse, P. & Adams, J. Chartwell Books 1976
A.5(78) Model Railroad Electonics Thorne, Peter Kalmback 1994
A.5(79) Model Railroading with John Allen Westcott, Linn H. Kalmback 1981
A.5(80) Model Railway Engines Minns, J.E.
A.5(81) Model Trains, Railroads intheMaking(ColorTreasury) Tosco, Uberto Crescent 1969
A.5(82) Model Trains, The Collector's Guide Ellis, Chris Chartwell Books 1994
A.5(83) Monde Fascinant des Trains, Le David S. Hamilton Gründ 1977
A.5(84) More Unusual Railways Day, J.R. MacMillan 1960
A.5(85) Mountians and River Make Way - The Chengtu - Kumming Railroad PFP Peking Foreign Press 1976
A.5(86) Narrow Gauge Railways of the British Isles Whitehouse, P.B. & Snell, J.B. Bracken Books 1984
A.5(87) Pictorial Story of Railways, The Cornwell, E.L. Crescent 1972
A.5(88) Prize Model Railroad Layouts Kalmback A.C. Fawcett Books 1952
A.5(89) Railroad Passenger Car, The Mencken, August John Hopkins 1957
A.5(90) Railroading from the Head End Farrington, S. Kip Jr. Double Day 1943
A.5(91) Railroading from the Rear End Farrington, S. Kip Jr.
A.5(92) Railroads - The Great American Adventure Ogburn, Charlton NationGeographicSociety 1977
A.5(93) Railroads of the Hour
Farrington, S. Kip Jr. Coward - McCann 1958
A.5(94) Rails to Pittsburg 1945 - 1970
Feibelman, W.A.
Superior Publishing 1979
A.5(95) Rails West Abdill, George B. Bonanza 1960
A.5(96) Railways And The Victorian Imagination Freeman, Michael Yale 1999
A.5(97) Railways Interior Wiring, I.C.S. Reference Library Scranton International Textbook 1905
A.5(98) Railways of the World 
Fodor's McKay 1977
A.5(99) Railways of the World Hollingsworth Bison Books
Repair and Operating Manual for Lionel Trains Pauker, Susan - Editor Greenberg 1990
A5(101) Right of Way Nielsen, Waldo Maverick 1986
A5(102) Scenery For Model Railroads McClanahan, Bill Kalmbach 1958
A5(103) South African Steam Today Rogers, David C. Ian Allan 1980
A5(104) Stations - An Imagined Journey
Flanagan, Michael Pantheon 1994
A5(105) Steam Locomotive,The(ACenturyofNo.Am.Classics) Boyd, Jim Barnes & Noble Books 2000
A5(106) Steam Locomotives of Japan Hirota, Naotaka Kodansha 1972
A5(107) Steam Locomotives of the Burlington Route Corbin & Kerka

A5(108) Steam Locomotives, A 3-D Book Moseley, Keith Compass 1989
A5(109) Steam's Finest Hour David P. Morgan Kalmbach 1959
A5(110) Still In Steam - Britain's Preserved Railways Kichenside, G.M. & R.C.Riley Ian Allan 1969
A5(111) Technik Museum Sinsheim und Speyer Hans-Jurgen, Dr. Schlicht 1999
A5(112) This Was Railroading This Was Railroading Bonanza 1958
A5(113) Thomas the Tank Engine Collection
Awdry, Rev. W. Britt Allcroft 1998
A5(114) Thomas's Amazing Pop-up Train Set Book Britt Allcroft Egmont 1995
A5(115) Tips & Tricks For Toy Train Operators Riddle, Peter H. Greenberg 1994
A5(116) Toy Trains, A History Carlson, Pierce Harper & Row 1986
A5(117) Track Planning For Realistic Operation Armstrong, John Kalmbach 1963
A5(118) Trains In Transition Beebe, Lucius Bonanza Books 1941
A5(119) Trains of the Old West Solomon, Brian Metro Books 1998
A5(120) Trains, A Photographer's Journey

Outerbridge, Graeme

Harry N. Abrams 2000
A5(121) Treasury of Model Railroad Photos, A Frary, Furlow, Olson, & Scoles Kalmbach 1991
A5(122) Twilight of Steam Locomotives, The Ziel, Ron Grosset & Dunlap 1963
A5(123) Twilight of World Steam, The Ziel, Ron & Mike Eagleson Hamlyn 1973
A5(124) Ultimate Encyclopedia of Steam & Rail, The C. Garrett &M.Wade-Matthews
Hermes House 1998
A5(125) Unusual Railways Wilson, B.G. & J.R. Day MacMillan 1958
A5(126) Wertanlage Märklin Joachim Koll & R. Schiffmann Augustus Verlag 1996

Westward To Promontory

Combs, Barry B. Promontory 1969
A5128) Whistles Across the Land Steinheimer, Richard Cedco 1993
A5129) World Atlas of Railroads Nock, O.S. Mayflower 1978
A5130) World of Model Trains, The Whitehouse,Patrick&Levy,Allen Chartwell 1978
A5131) World of Model Trains, The Williams, Guy R. Putnam 1970
A5132) World Steam Train Album, The Westwood, John Long Meadow Press 1993
A5133) World's Railroads,TheHistory and Development of Trains, Boats and Cars Chant, Christopher Chartwell Books 2000
A5134) Yesterday'sToys,Vol.2,PlanesTrains,Boats andCars Kitahara, Teruhisa Chronicle Books 1988

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