These blueprints and elevations are from the Frank Moore collection.  He is well known for his collection of maps, blueprints, books and  news clippings related to railroading.  He has been credited in numerous books for his generous cooperation with authors in providing information that would otherwise have left a void in the history of railroading. Information about obtaining a copy of the blueprints and elevations listed herein may be obtained by e-mail at f.cmoore1@comcast.net or by contacting Mr. Moore at  843.608.3767 or 760 Catawba Road, Charleston, SC  29414.  *

B.10 (1) June 9, 1921
18 X 22
Southern 190500 - rebuilt 180000 series.  50 ton T.D.D.M. Gondola composit.  Revised August 31, 1923. Stenciling June 15, 1920.  S. F. 3350.
B.10 (2) July 21, 1921
18 X 22
Southern  000000, Ventilated Box Car,  Stenciling dated Jan. 24, 1917.8
B.10 (3)
October 1935 41 X 30 -
Elevation of locomotive, Cincinnati, designed and signed by Horatio Allen.  Built by Tayleur of England.
B.10 (4) 1939 24 X  16 - Freight Cars: Stock and ARA Standard Box, Double Sheathed.  Louisville and Nashville ARA Standard 50 ton Single Sheathed, Steel Frame Box Car. Maine Central 17000-17149 series gondolas, full size for HO scale; 3.5 mm=1'0; 1:87.1.
B.10 (5) September 23, 1911
23 X 54
1'' = 4'
ACLRR First Div. 50 ' F. Room and 38'' Shed,  Off. Eng. R'D'Y Rocky Mt. NC., shows segregated waiting rooms.
B.10 (6)

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