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B.2 (1)
18 x 24
Aerial photograph of Johns Island and surrounding area.  Shows SAL crossing Stono River, River Road and Main Road.  Shows ACL crossing Main Road.  Shows intersection of Main, River and Chisolm Roads.  BK/PS
B.2 (2)
18 x 24
Aerial photograph of St Andrews Area.  Shows Ashley Hall, Ashley Hall Road, Ashley River Road, Janz Station.  Shows SALRR going up Ashley River Road, Hwy 61.    BK/PS
B.2 (3)
16 x 39
Date is approximate.  Strip map showing SCL from west of Rantowles to east of Wappoo Road, from Limehouse Station on South to St Andrews High School on North.  Old SAL line from connection with Grogan Branch, crossing Wappoo Road toward downtown not shown.  Speculate it was after the merger of SAL and ACL and the removal of some of the SAL track.  The old SAL line from Grogan Branch to Limehouse Station was still active to handle produce in that area.   PS
B.2 (4) 1900 8 1/2 x 11
Lands of A. E. Hertz, formerly owned b y the Rose Phosphate Company.  Shows Hertz RR  running beside Bee's Ferry Road to Ashley River.  Shows Charleston and Savannah RR.  PS/TF
B.2 (5) 2005 8 1/2 x 11 ACLRR drawing, "Yonges Island Branches," dated July 5 5, 1951 for abandonment, redrawn showing Ravenel to Yonges Island trackage with addition of some 1919 SAL trackage near Goshen and showing unknown trackage on Wadmmalaw Island and a Crate-Mill.  1919 trackage from US Geological Survey, Wadmalaw Island Quadrangle, RRIRD B.9 (37) Drawn by P. Stabovitz.  PS
B.2 (6) 2006 17 x 24
ACLRR " Lines in Vegetable Territory Near North Charleston SC," July 27, 1937.  Shows all of the ACL/SAL and sheds, platforms, from Ravenel North to Yonges Island, West to Barrellville, South East to Puck, from Meggetts East to Goshen.  Drawn by T. Fetters.  TF/PS
B.2 (7) 2006 8 1/2 x 11 Railroad of the Ashley River, Circa 1900.  Map showing most lines West of the Ashley River, including the SAL line up Ashley River Road, showing Radium and Janz, as well as Cherokee Phosphate RR, Bulow Mines, Rose Phosphate RR and ACL.  Drawn by T. Fetters.  TF/PS
* PS/Peter Stabovitz  BK/Bill Kennerty TF/Tom Fetters
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