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B.3 (1) 1939 War Department

Strip showing from Columbus St. Charleston with the SAL bridge and Wye at New Market Creek up along the narrows with SRwy Coal Yard, Duck Island, Accabe Creek, Navy Yard, SAL mainline.  Not highly detailed, rather plain, but does show details of the Navy yard tracks.  None of the buildings on the Cooper or Ashley with spurs are identified or well outlined.  Southern portions of B.3 (4)  11" X 17"  TF/PS

B.3 (2) 1915 Industrial & Commercial Charleston

From White Point Gardens up to North Charleston homes sites (The Big X) and Texaco pier north of Navy Yard.  All buildings identified as Tuxbury Lumber, Burton Lumber, Torpedo slips, North State Lumber on the Cooper River and over to the Ashley Sea Island Cotton, Wando Fertilizer, Stono Fertilizer, Standard Fertilizer and more.  Details on the CC&O coal terminal opposite Drum Island, SRwy coal terminal to the North.  Even a pier for the Carolina Atlantic & Western RR, Clyde, Baltimore-Carolina, Charleston-Isle of Palms traction.  Two sections, North B.3 (2) (a), South B.3 (2) (b)  11" X 17"  TF/PS

B.3 (3) pre1928

Map of Charleston without tracks, but with ACL/SOU Union Station, at Mt Pleasant Road Magnolia Cemetery, St Lawrence Cem, Hebrew Cem, German Cem, plus the Country Club and Schuetzen Platz.  All commercial buildings of note are identified in town.  ACL pier on the Ashley by Wappoo Creek is shown  11" X 17"  TF/PS

B.3 (4) 1939
Port Facilities of Charleston 

Strip map from Wappoo Creek up to just north of Filbin Creek.  Similar to #1.  Wonderful  detail on phosphate plants, but no ID. (Corp of Engineers)  Northern Portion of B.3 (1)  11" x 17"  TF/PS

B.3 (5) 1923 Charleston from Wappoo Creek to Duck Island

Highly detailed with all track.  A bit muddy and dark, but very useful.  No date.  All plants are identified on the Cooper and Ashley.  Shows ACL pier, Southern Pier, PCU pier, Clyde Steamship pier.  Southern Portion of B.3 (6)  11" X 17"  TF/PS
B.3 (6) 1923
The Port of Charleston

This is the North end of Map 5.  Duck Island up to US Ordinance Depot just north of Quartermaster Depot.  Navy Yard detail, streetcar line.  Northern Portion of B.3 (5)  11" X 17"  TF/PS

B.3 (7) 1927 
Station Way SR - Carolina Division

5cc  Sta 0 + 00 to   8 + 00     Line to Calhoun Sts
4cc  Sta 8 + 00 to 71 + 00     John to Carolina Sts (Carolina may be renamed) 28" X 59"   ID

B.3 (8) 1906 Charleston Terminal SR & ACL

Concord to Adgers Wharf St   36" X 140"  ID
B.3 (9)    
Port Utility Commission to SC State Public RR Commission

68" X 26"  ID

B.3(10) 1927 R/W Track Map

SR Charleston Division, Kingville to Wateree.  SBi to SB4.  Sta 0 + 00 to Sta 211 + 20.  Blue Print  25" X 56"  ID

B.3 (11) 1972 SC Port Terminal RR

North Charleston at time of transfer to SC Ports Authority.  Sepia  36" X 56"  PS

B.3 (12) 1939

Blowup of B.3 (1) of downtown Charleston Trackage.  PS

B.3  (13) 1939

Enlargement of portion B.3 (1) showing rail and industrial facilities from Columbus Street on South to just South of Navy Yard  11" X 17"  TF/PS

B.3  (14) 1939

Northerly continuation of B.3 (13) from E. Marsh Island on the South to Remount Road on the North.  11" X 17"  TF/PS

B.3  (15) 1863 Map of Charleston and Its Defenses

Shows South Carolina Railroad, Noreastern RR and Charleston & Savannah RR.  18" X 24"  BK/PS

B.3  (16) 1869-70
Map of Charleston published by Walker, Evans & Cogwell, scale 900 feet to an inch, lists public buildings. BF

    B.3 (17) 1788  

Ichnography of Charleston at request of Phoenix Fire-Company of London.   BF                         

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