March 26, 2007


To the Charleston Chapter NRHS:


    Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Colin Carpi.  I recently started a modest project to look into my family's genealogical history.  I began my search on the internet and in short order arrived at the web site about the "Best Friend of Charleston" presented by the Charleston Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.  Of particular interest were the web pages that documented the correspondence between Hope Miller Matthews and Captain John M. Le Cato and the life history of Ezra L. Miller.  The information available there was a pleasant surprise because it advanced my project a great distance in a short amount of time and with a minimum of effort.  Please let me thank you and your organization for your assistance.


    From the information provided by those web pages I can construct the following genealogical line.  My falter and mother are Colin Caton Carpi and Laura Pleasants Miller.  My mother's brother is James Rumrill Miller III.  Their parents were James Rumrill Miller II and Elizabeth Pleasants King.  James Rumrill Miller II was the only child of James Rumrill Miller I and Marjorie Coates.  James Rumrill Miller I was the third child of Charles Phillip Miller and Grace Rumrill.  Charles Phillip Miller was the only child to survive to maturity of Ezra L. Miller and Mary Brittan.  At which point we are back to Ezra Miller.


    Again, I am most grateful for what your organization has provided.  But I am interested in pushing further back along the Miller line and that can be accomplished most easily through Hope Miller Matthews.  I am aware that she has written at least 2 books on the subject of the Millers.  Unfortunately I have not yet been able to locate an available copy of either of those books.  In any case I would prefer to get to the original sources of that information.  I believe that Hope Miller Matthews died on the 17th of March, 1992.  So what I would like to know is who is now the possessor of and responsible for the materials gathered by Hope Miller Matthews during her lifetime.  I was hoping you might be able to help me in this endeavor.


    The web page that includes the life history of Ezra Miller suggests that one Jack King of Niceville, Florida may be the person that I seek.  I was wondering if you could provide me information that would allow me to contact this gentleman or perhaps act as an intermediary in helping me establish a relationship with Mr. King--or whomever is currently the curator of Hope Miller Matthews' research.


    Thanks for your consideration and effort.  I hope to hear from you.


Colin Carpi

Charleston Chapter responds to Colin Carpi