March 26, 2007




Your email was sent to me since I compiled the information included on our website about the Miller lineage.  I will be happy to contact Jack King for you and tell him of your interest.  I will give him your contact information so that he may speak with you if he feels that he has information that may be of assistance to you.  In my conversation with Mr. King, at the time I compiled this information, was not a lengthy one because he was not actively involved in the process.  I would imagine that he would be happy to tell you of any pertinent information he may have.  He was most gracious when I spoke with him.


I became enthralled with Ezra Miller's story while posting it to the website and I would be very interested in any information that you may come across that would add to that on our website.  If you will give me permission to add your name in the body of the Ezra Miller story on our site, I would be very appreciative.  I would especially be interested in any finding you make of the burial place of Ezra Miller.  That seems to remain a mystery even though there was an obituary in the New York paper and there was also some mention that he wanted to be buried near his son.  Hope Matthews did try to track this information but was unsuccessful in arriving at a location.


Thanks to our former member (now deceased), Captain John LeCato, and his correspondence with Mrs. Matthews, we were able to piece together a wonderful story of life during the mid 1800's.  I am so happy that you were able to find this information.  It is very gratifying to see one's efforts to preserve history be so happily received by someone such as yourself.


Please advise us if you have information to add to Ezra Millerís story.


Mary M. Lehr


Charleston Chapter

National Railway Historical Society

Colin Carpi responds to the Charleston Chapter.