Cars transport people more often than do trains and some of the cars in Captain Le Cato's photo collection provide much entertainment when we think of the lifestyles during the times these cars were manufactured.  In an effort to make good use of the Captain's collection of all things railroad and all things fun, we are showcasing some of his car photographs, as well as a pictorial commentary on the life-style of the Holt family, whose scrapbook of  cars and cruises shows the affluent life-style afforded those of the "upper class" in a time gone by. Efforts to contact anyone associated with the Holt family has reached a stand still, but maybe someone will happen upon these photographs and they will contact us to solve the puzzle of  "Where in the world are the relatives of the Holt family?" We would like to pass on the many wonderful memories in  the Holt scrapbook to a bonifide relative.   Mrs. Le Cato has no idea about the origin of the scrapbook and our attempts to locate the family  in Greensboro, NC did not yield any clues.

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A single caption, "Mrs. Langdon's Ford," accompanied these photograph.  The year is 1917, according to one license tag, and the state is New Hampshire.  The old car is much like the one in the Wizard of Oz .

Such fun...all in one scrapbook...the Holts certainly lived high and documented their fun in a delightful way, with photographs and letters and newspaper articles.

   London, England 
March 5, 1926   

Mr. Joe W. Holt

Greensboro, N.C.

Dear Joe:

I beg to confirm having sent you the following cable today: Holt Motor,Greensboro, N.C. Ship me through New York dealer to Southampton on the Leviathan March twentieth two door sedan color green tires like yours spare and rear bumper remitting. Write 0. S. Lines forty five Broadway -say I sailed Roosevelt and want this shipped as left-over baggage if they refuse ship regular rate freight prepaid thanks writing.  I hope the above came through unmutated and was perfectly plain to you.  I am advised by the U. S. Lines that I could have obtained from ten to twenty dollars cheaper rate by bringing it with me and my request to you to write them was in effort to still get the benefit of this rate, which the U. S. Lines people here thought entirely probable I could obtain. It has to come on The Leviathan in order to be dis­charged at Southampton, which is very near London. It could come any other boat of U. S. Lines but it would mean discharge at Plymouth, which is three hundred miles from London.  Besides, the R.A.C. can assist me more at Southampton than at Plymouth.­
April 8, 1925.....News article about William Holt, headquartered at American Embassy in London with the Cotton Division of Dept. of Agriculture, visits brother, Joseph  W. Holt, of Holt Motor Company, in Greensboro, NC headquartered at American Embassy in London, headquartered at American Embassy, Traveled on "Leviathan."  Not many American cars  in England because it costs $5 (one pound sterling) tax per year per horsepower to own a car...most cars are 10 to 12 horsepower.

December 7, 1925....."SS Republic"....Chevbourg to NY.....met Ethel Parker of Greenville.  (See group photo on deck)

March 5, 1925
.....Ford ordered from Holt Motor be sent to London by "Laviathan."  (See letter and article)



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