It is gratifying when a website accomplishes its mission of conveying information and preserving history.  Our site has been blessed to receive many positive responses and one response in particular has made our task, of long hours at the computer typing and retyping information for inclusion on our website, a rewarding task when we are able to see history being preserved and benefits being gained by, in this instance, the relatives of a man who contributed so much to railroading history so very long ago, Ezra L. Miller.


            The following links will convey the story of a Miller relative, Colin Carpi, discovering our website and furthering his search for his family lineage.  With his approval, we are offering the on-going communications between Mr. Carpiand our Chapter.  New information is being gained and corrections are being made to the lineage set forth by Hope Miller Matthews.


            We look forward to updates to the information herein and we hope someday to discover an answer for some of our questions: “Where was the body of Ezra L. Miller laid to rest?  Was he buried near his deceased children, as was his wish?”



March 26, 2007  Colin Carpi contacts the Charleston Chapter.


March 26, 2007  Charleston Chapter responds to Carpi.


March 28, 2007  Colin Carpi thanks the Charleston Chapter for their assistance.

March 28. 2007  Colin Carpi offers his findings along side the correspondence of Hope Miller Matthews and Captain John M. LeCato.